Friday, November 28, 2008


Ashley and I are traitors of the worst kind. As you all know, we work with Santa taking pictures of terrified toddlers, but tonight we couldn't resist visiting with a famous Santa from a competing mall. He was very jolly and even gave us our picture as a Christmas gift from from him. Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas! But please, shhh....don't tell anyone!

You may be wondering how it is that Ashley and I could sneak away to see Santa without Christian. Well it's really no surprise...Christian is at the ripe old age of eight and has no interest in seeing Santa - not that he doesn't believe or anything, he's just too cool now to be seen on Santa's knee! Besides, Bruce, Christian and Austin are camping with the Hopewell sons and grandkids...can you say "BBBRRRR"? That leaves me and my girls with a weekend free to shop, shop, shop!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sister Ashley Nicole Tyler, you have been called to serve.....

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