Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday! Homecoming and a Halloween Party

It was quite a day yesterday. We began our Saturday by getting up at 5:30am to put out signs for our garage sale and get things set out. The bargain shoppers began arriving right on schedule at 7 and we had a pretty steady stream until around noon. Roxi and Bruce showed up at 1pm with a box of Halloween stuff that Bruce wanted to put in our sale. Turns out he had just purchased it at another yard sale and thought he'd try and turn a profit!!! No such luck....we closed early! Our grand total for the morning was a whoppin' $150 which was promptly spent by Austin to buy a black shirt and white tie for the Homecoming dance and dinner out for he and Melinda. Around 4:30 pm things got really hectic: 1. We almost forgot to pick up Austin's suit from the cleaners. 2. We discovered that Austin had purchased a shirt that required cufflinks and we don't own cufflinks! 3. Sarah didn't know what she was going to wear to the ward Halloween party. 4. The stew that I was supposed to make wasn't going to be ready in time. 5. Ashley gets off work at 4:30 and had to be picked up. 6. Sarah decided she wanted to go as a dead princess and needed a tiara. 7. We discovered Bruce hadn't taken Austin's suit pants to the cleaners....instead he took a pair of his own pants that were accidentally hanging in Austin's closet with Austin's jacket. 8. Bruce hadn't showered or shaved yet......we were running out of time!!

We had an hour and a half to get everything done! Sooo....I discovered that paper brads work well as cuff links, and Austin decided to wear Bruce's pants (a little big but still looked great!),
a toy tiara from CVS would have to suffice for Sarah, I turned up the heat on the stew, prayed it wouldn't scald and sent Bruce to get cleaned up. We were only a half hour late to the party, but that was okay since everyone was still eating when we got there. It was a fun night. Austin looked fabulous. Sarah looked like a princess with a bloody nose,

and Christian just looked like the coolest Captain Jack Sparrow!! Did I mention that we had to borrow Roxi's car to get our family to the Halloween party since Austin's Talon is in the shop. He got to drive the coolest minivan to Homecoming...nothin' says "sexy" like a minivan!!

I haven't heard the details of Austin's evening yet...I turned in early and of course he's still sleeping! All I know for sure is that Melinda forgot her school ID and they had to drive back to McKinney (20 minutes each way) to pick it up so they could get into the dance. Bummer!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Garage Sale in the morning!

How's that for a post, Big Bruce?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What do the Jonas Bros. & food poisoning have in common?

The State Fair of Texas!!
Sarah & I had a lot of fun being soaked by fire hoses while listening to the Jonas Brother's with 10,000+ preteens yesterday at the fair. She was thrilled to see the cutie on the left....I think it's Nick, but I'm not really sure! She was so cute...she spent extra time on her hair only to end up totally wet from head to toe! She was a good sport about it though and just laughed!

When we got home, I was sick from the Texas sized chicken fried steak served up at the was good, but what a mistake!! I'm still suffering the effects of that choice...I knew I should've gotten a corn dog!!