Friday, July 30, 2010

Weddings, Babies and More!!! it's been more than a year since I posted anything worth reading and a lot has happened in our lives. Most of you already know everything...but, how about some extra details that I didn't put on facebook? Let's see, where to begin.....ahhh, its just too much! Facebook is so much easier!

How about bullet form?

* Austin joined the Army Reserves
* Ashley came home from her mission
* Sarah started High School
* Craig and Katie had a beautiful baby girl, Emma Lee Tyler
*Ashley went back to BYU-Idaho
* Austin got married to Jessica Lynn Liebziet
* Austin and Jessica had a baby...yesterday...Cole Austin Tyler
* We're moving in two weeks
* Christian's watch A LOT of sad!!!
* Bruce and I are in school (and it sucks during the summer!!)

Okay so for those extra details that I didn't put on facebook....too much to write! I'd be here forever. Just know that I am in love with my grandchildren! I absolutely adore Emma Lee and really look forward to my Thursday evenings with her while Katie teaches Yoga! She is so fun! I'm anxious to get to know little Cole and discover what his personality will be. Hopefully he won't be quite as stubborn as his father!!! Christian is still a little apprehensive about the whole newborn baby thing, but he got over it pretty quick with Emma and is really attached to her. He loves to make her laugh. Last time Emma was here, we took her to the pool and Christian pretended to do some synchronized swimming for her....really funny!!! Emma just laughed at him! So fun!

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